About Us

Fondest memories we have from our childhood are the ones where we are playing a game or two with our friends and family. Time has dropped us here at the edge of almost losing that ability to grow together, we want to fix that.

Why do we do what we do

We started Galliard Games, wanting to introduce the most unique and innovative puzzles to adults and kids alike, away from distractions, phones and game consoles, the good old physical puzzle solving with family and friends. As you can clearly see, we've moved beyond that one specific goal and now we have broadened our gaze. We have amazing chess boards, board games, playing cards and whole range of home decor products.

We make sure whatever we make shows the amount of effort and care that goes into designing it. Design matters to us a lot more than anything else. A good design also carries good functionality alongside it, which we keep at the forefront of our philosophy. We at Galliard Games love to design things, we started small with a humble goal of creating a new product every week, by now we have over 20 unique products (over 100 variants) in our catalog and by the end of this year, we hope to have over 100 unique ones and at-least a thousand cool variants. We believe we can be a household name in a few years and we need your support in the same. Please keep checking the website for new products, we are sure there's something here for you, your friends, family and your home.

Where are we located

Galliard Games brand is from La Prima Cavatina Corporation and we are located in Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra (India).

To contact us, you can go to our contact page

What all do we create

As of now, we make wooden shape fit puzzles where you're tasked to fit a certain number of pieces within a fixed shape, classic 15 slide puzzles, perpetual calendars which stay relevant for years without having to worry about buying a new calendar every year, beautiful informative coasters, board games, chess boards, wall chess with world's most advanced wall chess mechanism, wall clocks and so much more. Please explore our website, you'll surely find something to cherish.